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Avoid Common Problems When Buying Your Home

Avoid Common Problems When Buying Your Home

There are few life experiences that can measure up to the excitement of buying a home. Exciting and yet, it can also be very stressful.

Having a better understanding of the process and a little preparation can go a long way toward alleviating the emotional agony that sometimes occurs. Our agents at West USA Realty Revelation are equipped to handle even the most stressful problems to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end. Buying a home is not a simple process.  Industry experts have estimated up to 47 people are involved and over 100 forms are signed by the buyer in a typical purchase.

The presentation below will help you avoid many of the most common problems experienced along the way.

The most stressful period for everyone is during the escrow when the slightest mishap can cause a delay in the closing.


Escrow Agent – May have an appointment when loan documents arrive.

Closing Agent at title company – May have stack of checks to write.

Recording office – May have limitations on when recordings can take place.

Runner Service – May alter their route and get stuck in traffic.

Loan Officer – May not be able to submit because of incomplete application.

Credit Bureau – May have incorrect information on credit report that needs to be corrected.

Buyer’s Employer – May not return verification of employment quickly.

Buyer’s bank – May not return Verification of Deposit quickly.

Postal service – May lose any one of the verifications.

Seller – May not let appraiser in in a timely fashion.

Appraiser – May use wrong comps for comparisons. May require repairs.

Loan processor – May have an excessive work load.

Loan Underwriter – May be out for the day.

Funding Secretary – May have a stack of files requiring funding.

Funding officer – May be at lunch or out sick on the wrong day.

Runner service – May not be able to perform as needed.

Termite Inspector – May require repairs.

Home Inspector – May require repairs.

Seller – May not complete request repairs in time for final walk through.

Listing Agent – May miscommunicate some detail.

Selling Agent – May be with another buyer and unable to return a call.

Buyer – May be at work and unable to rush to the title company to sign loan documents.

Listing Agents Transaction Coordinator – May not receive or return an important phone call in a timely fashion.

Morning Listing office receptionist – May not convey a message with enough detail.

Afternoon Listing office receptionist – May not know the agent didn’t receive the page.

Listing Office Answering Service – May not have known to pass along a message from earlier in the day.

And of course there is technology: fax machines that don’t produce good copies, pagers that vibrate in the other room, messages that get lost in the atmosphere, computers that go down. Dont get caught using an unprepared agent. Move forward with confidence when selecting a West USA Agent!