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Carino Estates – Chandler, AZ

Carino Estates

Carino Estates subdivision is regarded as one of the premier neighborhood communities in Chandler, AZ. This suburban area is an highly productive and engaging community that is surrounded by several remarkable attractions including a selection of diverse dinning options, local shopping destinations, several excellent schools, and an expansive and natural scenery.

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It is the ideal place for families that desire the convenience of a stable community and an entertaining lifestyle. What is best about living at Carino Estates in Chandler, AZ is how everything you need is within reach.

Carino Estates Offers Downtown Lifestyle

The life in downtown Chandler is extremely active and is only three miles away from Carino Estates, making it the ideal place for you or your family to unwind and have a terrific time. You can grab a bite to eat at several restaurants, shop around at many retail locations, have some fun at the city festivals, and witness history when you visit the landmark structures.

Dining Options for Carino Estates

Enjoy the finest meals and service at one of Chandler’s oldest restaurants, AJ’s Cafe at Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort. With over 90 years of servicing the community, this causal dinning area delivers live music, an excellent variety of foods, affordable prices and an overall excellent atmosphere;  it’s one of the top community picks for any outing. This area is also home to a variety of other places like Bourbon Jacks’s Bar/Grill and Brunchie’s downtown just to name a few.

Carino Estates


Filled with sights that captivate your mind, there is always something to see, and something to experience in the area. You can bring your artistic side to life at the Chandler Center for the Arts, and learn about the diverse culture and history at the Chandler Museum. Join in on the excitement with everyone else during popular festivals like the Rock the Block Talent Competition.

The area also provides an excellent escape for golfers who want to make the best of their swing at places like San Marcos Golf Resort.

There are also other activities both adults and children can enjoy like the Chandler Community Center, and there are plenty of parks to choose from like Ryan Park. There are also dog parks, skate parks, and several opportunities to fish and discover local wildlife in the area.


The educational benefits within the city of Chandler, AZ truly stand out, and with its several different learning options including charter schools, magnet schools, and Christian schools, the city has the resources that will allow your child to excel in academia. The prestige colleges, University of Phoenix and Arizona State University are not to far away and are suited to students in the area, too.

The Carino Estates is a community like no other, situated in the heart of Chandler, with everything you need to call it home. If you want to find a place that allows you to kick back and enjoy life to its fullest, the Carino Estates has got you covered all the way, every step of the way.

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