San Tan Valley, AZ was a desert area that is now currently booming with new homes and great places to visit. It is a place that boasts warm weather all year round, and many fun and interesting things to do. More and more people are coming to the area for the jobs, the schools and the safe living arrangements that they can find.

What Are The Schools Like In San Tan Valley, AZ?

The schools consist of the Coolidge Unified School District (San Tan Foothills High School), the Florence Unified School District (Poston Butte High School) and the J. O. Combs Unified School District (Combs High School). These schools are known for giving a good education with pertinent teachers to the people that attend them.

The Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is a place of wonder for many of the people in the San Tan Valley, AZ region. They enjoy visiting the zoo because there are a variety of activities all year long. They can watch the animals in their habitats, enjoy a show, have some food and spend hours with people that they love.

The Phoenix Zoo is a fun place to visit for both the younger and older generations. The animal exhibits are fantastic and there are plenty of shows and activities for people to enjoy. It is an all day visit to the zoo, and one that many people like to do on a regular basis.

Jobs In San Tan Valley, AZ

The job situation continues to improve with the increase of building in the San Tan Valley, AZ vicinity. With the opportunities that are growing, many people are finding that they can work close to where they live, and they save on commuting expenses. Many people work in the medical field, engineering and other fields when they live in the San Tan Valley region.

Average Income In San Tan Valley, AZ

The average income for people living in the San Tan Valley region is $40,000 per year. With the low cost of living people can live well in the area on the salaries they make.

Approximate Cost Of Housing In San Tan Valley, AZ

The average cost for a home in San Tan Valley, AZ is $100,000 per unit. This price represents a bit lower than the rest of the state of Arizona making it more popular for those that want to live well and pay less. There are also many condominiums in the same price range for sale on a regular basis. If people wish to find apartments, there are a variety of prices they can choose from.

Living in San Tan Valley, AZ is an opportunity that many people love to come across. They find the enjoyment that the warm climate offers them to be an extreme benefit for their ability to enjoy the outdoor activities all year long. Since there are a variety of restaurants, clubs and other venues to take part in the evening fun, many people find it an engaging place to reside.

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