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Riggs Ranch Meadows – Chandler, AZ

In the Riggs Ranch Meadows, community the Home Owner’s Association makes sure everyone follows the rules to ensure that all of the neighbors can get along peacefully. The area has a far low rate of both property crimes and violent crimes so that you can feel safe knowing that you are in a well patrolled and safe area.

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The commute to areas near Phoenix, where you may choose to work, can be quite easy as well. The loop 202 can get you there easily. The community is beautiful and contains approximately 250 homes. The average home is about 3,500 square feet.

There are almost 30 different restaurants, coffee shops and bars in Ranch Meadows too so when you get hungry or want to go out for a drink, you can have plenty of options. This suburban area screams luxury and enjoyment.


There are plenty of amenities for people of all ages in Riggs Ranch Meadows. There are fields for different sports, shaded paths for people to walk on comfortably and parks in many different areas.

There are at least 12 different highly rated golf courses near the area and easy for residents navigate. Some are golf club resorts, which can often meal all kinds of amenities including steam rooms, pools, massages and more, dependent on the specific club. Many of the amenities in Riggs Ranch Meadows are only available for use by residents or a gust of a resident.


They have a yearly Easter egg hunts for the kids in the community along with several other scheduled fun events to attend. The exclusive air of this community makes every experience seem more special.


Residents of Riggs Ranch Meadows are very lucky when it comes to the school system. Chandler has award-winning schools in the area so you can rest easy knowing that your child is getting a premium education.

Best of all, Basha High School and Jane Dee Hull Elementary are both within two miles of Riggs Ranch Meadows homes. There is also a private Christian school in the area if that is what best suits your or your child’s needs.

Areas of Interest

There are many great attractions in Chandler for the whole family. The Airworx Trampoline Center is a great place for kids to go and get out all of their extra energy and have a blast. Parents tend to have a great time too.

Then there is this great place for families, Tumbleweed Park. It is a very large attraction, with playgrounds, club areas, and wide-open space that is fun for the whole family. For all the racing fans, there is the Firebird International Raceway nearby too.

If you are looking for something with a slightly slower pace there is always the Koli Equestrian Center where the whole family can learn to ride horses, feed and pet them. There are so many things to do that you will never be bored.